Que paso??? Watch this page. It will tell you about the next  Amigos de Teacapan event and events of  organizations affilliated with Amigos. In addition we will try to tell you about  things sponsored by Mexican organizations and/or individuals. Check this page regularly.

AdeT Sponsored Events:

Thank you for a record breaking year. The  number of people supporting our luncheons was an all time high.  We have no more events planned for 2010. We are sure 2011 will be another great year. Watch for our News Letter.

See AdeT  Sponsored Events for more information.

AdeT Affiliated Events:

3/13/10 through 4/3/10:  Stretch Dental team from Boston will be in town. Stretch will need many volunteer helpers.

Stretch Fund Raiser:

3/14/10.__4:00 pm at Mayfields in Cuatro Curcos.
Silent Auction, live music and buffet. Bevrages will be available at a bar.

For more information see AdeT Affiliated Events.

Special Events:

On 3/19/10 The Restaurant Alandra is sponsoring a little Fiesta with dancers being brought in from Mazatlan. It will cost 100 pesos per person. The Menu offers salad, a choice of Chicken/pineapple, Chicken/mole or a Pork dish. Beer and pop may be purchased. For anything else it is BOB. The doors open at 6:00 and serving of meals will commence at about 6:30. The cost is 100 pesos per person. The Alandra is next to the Cantina and across the street from the internet cafe. In other years the entertainment has included a boxing match between two rosters. That's correct it is a boxing match because the rosters wear boxing gloves.

The event is first come first serve and seating is limited. It is an authentic Mexican restaurant and the bano leaves a lot to be desired. In spite of  this distraction the entertainment has always been enjoyed and people look forward to the next event.


The Patos, the  Ducks, Teacapan's baseball team are playing in Teacapan;  3/14 and 3/28. The games are at 10:am. The stadium is on the north end of town and just east of main street.

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