Habitat for Teacapan is fashioned after Habitat For Humanity where needy people help each other build their own homes. It was born when Amigos learned an all female crew was helping an elderly lady build her dream home. The materials for the home, provided by the government, had been accumulated over several years and stored in her stick house, leaving very little living space. When we learned about the effort we pitched in to help complete the dream house.

In previous years the government would assist people to build a house. It was a matching program where the owner put up cash and/or labor. The degree of support was to variable depending on family size and other factors. Then new  houses were shells only. They had no doors or windows and thus no security. They also lacked septic systems, running water and facilities for electricity,  so often the owners continue to live along side the new home in their palm frond stick and tar paper shack.

There are many  people who own property but are not close to building their homes because they are so poor. Some of these people are living in palm frond stick houses, others are crowded into a house with multiple families.

There is another category of people who have inherited property but have no paper to show they are the owners. To get this paper costs money. They are very poor, own property but can not prove it, and so they are stuck. 

AdeT is helping!!!

We are not building shell houses in which people can not live. Our minimum spec is a house must have  windows, doors and septic system. In all cases the owner must make significant contribution to the project. Each case is decided on a case by case basis by the AdeT Housing Program Committee and the owner.

We helped complete around 12 houses under the matching program. The new government in Escuinapa has discontinued the program and no longer provides us with materials and labor for the program. This did not stop us!!! In 2010 we finished two houses and installed seventeen septic systems. Fantastic!!!! People helping people.

To support the program make your contribution  to the "AdeT Housing Program".

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