AdeT 2011 News Letter

First a big Gracias for helping us make last year a great success. In spite of the economy, the travel warnings of doom, and lower tourism AdeT had a banner year. Our hats are off to all of you, Rvers you are our life line. Your support is absolutely necessary to our endeavor. Gracias.

We started the year off with a big bang. A VOSH team of volunteers, including eye doctors, examined thousands of people and gave prescription glasses to over 1700 people and sun glasses to everyone they saw. In addition to Teacapan; Cristo Ray, Palmetto del Verde, Isla Bosque, Escuinapa and even Chametla  arrived by the bus load to benefit from the program. The Lions club of Escuinapa provided transportation and one nights housing. AdeT and many volunteers pitched in with meals and helped VOSH conduct their program. VOSH brought 9000 eye glasses with them. Left over glasses were given to the Escuinapa Lions for future distribution. A small group of AdeT members worked very hard to make this program run like a very well oiled machine. It was a job exceptionally well done. Thanks everyone, we are proud of your accomplishment.

The clinic continues to frustrate us  ????? We buy tanks of oxygen, leave money behind to buy more oxygen and yet every  year when we return the tanks are empty. In addition to oxygen we donated two boxes of medical supplies. The clinic is a very busy place and is improving and here is some proof. Remember that dirty old ambulance that sat silently next to the clinic. It looked like it was ready for the scrap heap. Drivers were afraid to drive it. If they put it in the ditch there would not be another ambulance to come to their aid.

Hooray it is on the road again!!!  A group has been organized in Teacapan to help with medical emergency situations. The ambulance was one of their first projects. This group repaired the brakes, tuned the engine and AdeT bought one battery to get it going, but it still needs a second battery. The group is in the process of training drivers and medical personnel.

Wheel Chairs are going great guns!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been at this so long that chairs are being returned to us  from other years. We distributed 12 wheel chairs this year. There certainly is an on going need for wheel chairs canes and walkers.

On going medical expenses________When we go back home the need for ongoing medical expenses does not end. We have set up a special fund with Doctor Coty, who knows who needs help, and she determines how much than can afford to pay. If you have a Mexican friend needing assistance tell them to see Dr Coty. But be aware last year the fund was depleted in October.

Jose Pedro, remember him, the little seven year old with the broken back??? He is now twelve yours old and thanks to your support he now is in junior high school. If he is to have a life he must have an education. Here is what you have done to help him have a life:
    1. provided 3 wheelchairs
    2. Installed an electric hoist in his home.
    3. Provided computer and sports equipment.
    4.Supplied special braces and shoes.
    5. To help him get that life we paid for home tutoring  for two years to get  him         back into to school
    6.Paid for yearly trips to Guadalajara for therapy.
This is another  fantastic example of how you have helped us effect the future of a little boys life. Gracias!!!!!!!!!!

K-12. Every year we learn more about how the Mexican education system works, we still have much to learn. We are trying to fine tune our support so we can get more bang for your peso. For example this year we gave kinder $2000 pesos because we learned it would be matched by the Government.
We calculate that the school supplies you bring for us to distribute amounts to approximately $15,000 pesos. This is huge!!!!!!!!. It goes a long way. These things are very expensive in Mexico and your donations help assure every child goes to school with at least paper and pencil.
Once again this year the High School has asked for a school bus. This year is different. Familia de Padre, sort of like PTA’s, of Escuinapa, Isla Bosque, Palmeda del Verde, Cristo Ray and Teacapan are attempting to Raise approximately $80,000 pesos for the purchase of a used bus. AdeT has pledged $8,000 pesos if they can come up with the other $70,000. We are also are trying to get a school bus from  the same group that donated the ambulance.

Continuing Education:
Scholarships.  For years we have been awarding around $15000 pesos scholarships to the high schools top graduating student from a poor family. We now have Occidental University in Escuinapa and have calculated that our graduates can attend this university for $8000 pesos a year, so this year we awarded two $8000 peso scholarships. We also fined tuned our selection process to better recognize the child coming from a very poor family versus just a poor family. The result is this year one recipients grade point average was 2 points below the average of two others in her  class but she had the least prospect for going on to college.
Scholarship Sponsors. A new component to our scholarship program is sponsorship. This year a sponsor has been found for a student to continue  study at a university in Tepic. The sponsor is committed to continue support until graduation. The funds are turned over to AdeT in the name of student and the program is administered by AdeT. Last year the ONAC Rvers donated the equivalent of one scholarship. If you, or a group like the ONAC gang, know of student you would like to sponsor and avail yourself of our administrative service, or if you want us to help you identify a student you might consider supporting let us know. We will provide you information about the candidates, introduce you to them and their family and after they are in college give you progress reports.


A new complex of schools has opened across the railroad tracks on the outskirts of Escuinapa. This complex houses two high schools, one trade school and one university. All four schools are geared to providing qualified people for the jobs they hope will come along with the development of the new tourist complex to the west of Escuinapa. We hope it will help fill a long term desire of AdeT of wanting to provide more job entry skill training  opportunities for our friends. To that end this year for the  first time we granted Transportation Scholarships to two students graduating from the, Articulo, junior high school. Upon completion of their four year program we hope there will be a job they can step into. We are working with the two high schools and the university in the Educativo. But the trade school is more intriguing. It has the capacity to tailor a program to a communities needs. For example teach people how to fabricate, and market products from surplus Mangos, or provide basic computer skills courses for older people. The ideas are endless. We hope next year to be able to concentrate more of our attention to this opportunity.

Habitat for Teacapan:
This program was born when Amigos learned an all female crew was helping an elderly lady build her dream home. The materials for the home, provided by the government, had been accumulated over several years and stored in her stick house, leaving very little living space. When we learned about the effort we pitched in to help complete the dream house.

Habitat for Teacapan is fashioned after Habitat For Humanity where needy people help each other build their own homes.

The new government in Escuinapa has discontinued providing us with materials and labor for the program. This did not stop us!!! We finished two houses and installed seventeen septic systems. Fantastic!!!! People helping people.

Senior Citizens Center:
This is a new program for AdeT. We were asked to help establish a Senior Citizen Center in central Teacapan. We helped with the installation of  windows and cement repair. We are looking forward to helping with this project next year.

How Can You Help????????
Glad you asked!  The Garage Sale is one of our biggest fund raisers and nothing goes to waste. We sell almost everything except for a few clothes and these a given away to the poor people on the east side of town. Kitchen ware, bikes, tools sporting equipment, toys for little kids and electronics are sold in the first few minutes. Clothes are very special, they fullfill every women’s fantasy of shopping at bargain basement prices. Rewards for the Sand Castle teams are welcome. Wheel chairs, walkers and canes are needed for the infirm.

We have a young man who needs a prosthesis for his right leg  so he can work. If you have one laying around or want to help him let us know.

Stretch, an AdeT affiliate organization, provides free dental care to the children of Teacapan. Their clinic in Teacapan is equipped to provide intensive dental care.

This year the dental professional team was composed of 19 professionals from the Boston area and 3 dentists from Mexico. They are supported in Teacapan by a growing group of American, Canadian and Mexican volunteers. This year this international team had 1002 appointments, and completed 1800 sealant treatments, worth about $80. dollars in the US. What a beautiful international effort. Thanks a lot!!!!

AdeT Budget 2011: Where does you money go?

Project:                                              Pesos Allocated               EstimateValue donated Material    

Medical Fund, Dr. Coty                 10,000                               3000 medical supplies

Senior Citizens Center                    8000                                  2000, windows and cement

Ambulance                                       1000, battery

Clinic                                                   2000, oxygen                     2000. med supplies

K-12                                                      2000, Kinder                    15000 school supplies
                                                     matched by government
School Bus                                          8000

Handicapped                                    12 chairs, 3 walkers           20000

VOSH    Eye Clinic                           15,000                                100,000 eye glasses

White Boards Eng. Class                1000

Continuing Education Scholarships:

3, 15,000 peso University     45000

2, 8,000 peso University          16000

1, 5,000 sponsored                      5000

2 , 8,000 Escuinapa Transp.    16000

AdeT 2012 Calendar

December 3rd week            Plaza Cookoff

January 3rd week             Luncheon/Silent Auction

February 3rd week            Luncheon/Sand Castle competiton\

March ???                Garage Sale

AdeT Board Meetings

January                 9 am  2nd Wednesday

February                9 am 1st Wednesday

March                    9 am 1st Wednesday

Check our website for final dates!!!!

Thank you for everything you do to help us!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.


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